Life Is a Beautiful Book – Don’t Tear It Apart

Life is a beautiful book, all you need is to live it and enjoy it. But, why should there be a difference between life before marriage and life after marriage? It’s a common observation that life is full of romance and future promises before marriage, but trouble starts when couples get married. Most of the men start cheating on their wives – sometimes even leading to physical violence. It leaves you with a wounded soul!

Watch these videos and feel the emotions associated with such stages and instances in life and how the other person feels when it happens.

A Journey through Different Stages of Life and Videos that Beautifully Explain Them:

1. The best times in the life of an unmarried girl are the ones when she is staying in her parents’ home. This time is characterized by unconditional love, carefree atmosphere, caring companionship of her family members, her friends and cousins. She needs the same kind of love, when she leaves her family and gets married.

2. Life is full of beautiful moments, but then sad moments are also a part of it. There are a few instances, when a newly married girl feels that her husband doesn’t love her, but then she is confident that it is a relationship made by God and there is a strong thread of love that binds them together unconditionally.  She hopes that someday things will improve and it pays off.

3. There are certain moments in life, when your faith wins. A girl falls in love with a boy, who has a bad reputation because of his public image and character. But, the girl is convinced that the boy has some intrinsic goodness in him and that he is the right partner for her. Her faith sees the light of the day, when her phone slips from her hand and gets broken. Desperate boy hurries off to the girl’s house and holds her in his arms – true love – isn’t it?

4. A girl can go to any extent to keep her relationship safe even if her partner is cheating on her. She knows that her husband has a fling with other women and yet she keeps mum, just to save their relationship, but she breaks down, when he crosses the limit and tries to get physical with her. She narrates how she knows everything about his illicit affairs and yet keeps silence.

5. Many times, in-laws behave badly with the newlywed girls. It’s extremely hurtful to watch someone behaving badly and being disrespectful toward the newlyweds without any specific reason. Men should take charge in such situations and prevent it from happening.

6. When someone dedicates himself or herself completely to a relationship and finds that they are not getting the same commitment and love from the other partner, they are likely to get devastated completely.

7. Life often brings you to such crossroads, where you are not able to decide what to do. Imagine a boy getting annoyed when he gets to know that his wife is pregnant. The boy doesn’t want the child. It completely shatters the girl and she decides to end her life along with the fetus in her womb. A woman can never trade off, when it comes to the life of her child.

8. When a girl is deeply in love with her husband, it will hurt her to no end, if she finds him cheating on her. It’s the moment when she feels completely broken. See how a heartbroken person reacts and decides to walk out of your life forever and says “Mann Bharrya Badal Gaya Saara”.

So, don’t betray or hurt your life partner because she leaves her whole world behind including her parents and friends so she could be with you.